On Sunday 8th March we went to Cheltenham to perform at Music for Youth’s 2015 festival. The Training Orchestra and Cello Quartet both performed brilliantly! Congratulations and thank you for all of your hard work!

We saw other groups perform and played the pieces we had prepared. Our performance was adjudicated and some of the adjudicator’s comments were:

Holst – Mars
This was a really good arrangement and you made a good job of it. Your performance really grew in stature as you went on. Next time you play it, keep counting those crotchets...”

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The music was marked ‘Lively’ and it certainly was! You had a good crisp approach taking care over the changing rhythm and it sounded bright and fun – Well Done! Next time you play it – if you have the tune play a bit louder and when you don’t – play quieter!”

Suggestions for Development
Keep going – you are a musical bunch with huge potential. You’ll get even more confident if you really watch your conductor and count vigorously (especially during long notes).”


Training OrchestraCellos


The musicians said:

“It was my first big performance and I was tense but I got in the rhythm of it and enjoyed myself”

“Thank you for teaching us”

“Thank you very much for teaching me new notes and music. I really have enjoyed it”

“I liked it very much and enjoyed the performances”

“I really enjoyed playing on a big stage and enjoyed playing Mars”

“It was my first time and I enjoyed it lots”

“We really enjoyed performing as a group for the first time” (Cellos)


Well done everyone – thank you for your great performances!