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Interactive online tool from the LSO

Play LSO (

Want to know what it’s like to be onstage with the London Symphony Orchestra? This site allows you to change camera angles, sit in different sections and get a bird’s-eye view of life onstage with one of the world’s greatest orchestras!

Online Music Theory Tools

Music Learning Tools . net (


This site is a collection of invaluable tools for those wanting to improve their musical ear or improve their theoretical knowledge. The site will pose a series of questions on various aspects of music theory including:

  • Knowledge of the formulae for scales
  • Ear training: recognising intervals
  • Recognising Key Signatures

It’s a great way to improve your skills with just a few minutes here and there – and an incentive to improve your score as you go along!

Mix your recordings online with Soundation

Not everyone has access recording studio software on their computer (although there are some pretty good ones like Audacity).

Soundation ( will look familiar to anyone who has used Garageband on a Mac. It allows you to upload, record or use virtual instruments to create up to four recorded tracks and mix them online using the site. You can add effects, change the balance, everything you’d expect in a full piece of software. You can then save and share the results.


Looking for information at GCSE and A-Level?

Keeping Score (

Keeping Score is the Educational site of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Created in conjunction with Michael Tilson Thomas, it is packed full of various fun and informative elements on musical performance, music history, and insights into elements found in specific works.

It really is a site aimed at those with a serious interest in music, with sections on the historical setting of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony (which looks at elements of the score), to information on Berlioz’s Symphony Fantastique and Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.


Create music with everything including the kitchen sink!

Kitchen Sink-O-Pation (

Explore the concept of syncopation with everything including the kitchen sink. This online museum exhibit is great fun. You can, of course, play around with it set to use standard instruments, or surreal objects!

The rest of the site is well worth a look too – it has various videos and games to play.

Wolfram Tones – Creating music with science

Wolfram Tones (

WolframTones works by taking simple programs from Wolfram’s computational universe, and using music theory and Mathematica algorithms to render them as music. Each program in effect defines a virtual world, with its own special story–and WolframTones captures it as a musical composition.

Essentially, it’s a way of creating nice, short bits of colourful soundworlds. And there’s a mobile version too allowing you to create ringtones!


Create your own beats and loops online

Want to create drumloops?

Beatlab ( lets you create loops in a friendly and easy-to-use way online in a variety of genres. There are around 12 sound sets to choose from (including a piano). Once you’ve created the sound you want, you can save it to use in your own composition, or share it with friends.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, or want to create allegoric music, you can roll the dice and get a random loop.